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'Point Of View' | 4 'specific architectural sites' | By 'Felice Varini'

Swiss born, master of geometric perspective Felice Varni sprung to mind when thinking of an artistic linkage with the design of ‘Inlay by Front’ …

Although both Felice and Front have work that manipulates the view of its audience, their works’ have opposing attributes. Inlay’s colours and patterns provide focal points which the eye is drawn in or out transforming a flat plane into one with volume, an abstract landscape. Whereas Felice removes these focal points flattening the site at a particular perspective into two dimensions.

The paintings are formed by projected stencils and are characterised by a single vantage point from which the holistic image can be deciphered. A simple geometry coupled with a primary colour palette bring forth the boldness of the overall form.

There is a discrete individuality for each component of the painting as the difference in material, light, colour, texture and distance of the three dimensional environment means that a change of hue is required to create synchronicity in the painting. For example, when some structures are great distances between one another but require a uniform colour from the holistic vantage point, many gradients of one colour unify to fulfil the end result.

The view walking through felice’s work and the view from the chosen vantage point appear as two linked pieces. The walking view portrays a sense of action, fluidity and movement; which can appear chaotic or haphazard depending on your perspective. The larger perspective depicts a clean static image, a correlation that not only changes our spatial awareness but shows the complexity of its workings out. 

"The painted form achieves its coherence when the viewer stands at the vantage point.When *he moves out of it, the work meets with space generating infinite vantage points on the form. It is not therefore through this original vantage point that I see the work achieved; it takes place in the set of vantage points the viewer can have on it."  …extract from Felice Varini interview